Why should I hire a consultant?
I have good staff that tells me everything is under control.

The good news is that you may not need a consultant! The number one reason that facilities call in a consultant is poor survey results. They thought that everything was under control and were in for a rude awakening. Our proactive approach is easier on the nerves and on the pocketbook. A diagnostic medical record audit can pinpoint your problems before the State does. We can work with your staff to find solutions to help your facility stay on top of its game.

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How is Vantage different?
We’ve had outside consultants before and the staff gives them a cold shoulder. After they leave – nothing changes.

At Vantage we have a non-threatening approach. We are as careful about how we say something as we are with what we say. We treat our clients and their staff with the utmost respect. Our educational approach with staff can charm even the most resistant team members. We frequently hear the staff asking us: "When are you coming back again?"

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How much will it cost?
We are on a tight budget and management isn’t willing to spend a lot of money.

We can tailor a program to meet your budgetary requirements. The most cost-effective approach is a one-day diagnostic chart audit that can pinpoint your problems. A diagnostic visit need not include consultants from all disciplines. A facility can choose which discipline most suits their needs. Visit our About Us page to discover the array of talented consultants on our team. If follow-up visits are needed we can set up a schedule of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly visits. Either way, the cost is well within the budgets of most small to mid-size facilities.

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Can you help us optimize our Medicare reimbursement?

The short answer is YES. Skilled Nursing Facilities understand that the key to Medicare reimbursement is MDS. And the key to MDS is proper documentation. Vantage has been at the forefront in educating front line staff to properly code the MDS for maximum reimbursement. 

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What is a Corporate Compliance Program and why does my facility need one?

The flip side to maximizing Medicare dollars is to keep those dollars in the facility and not surrendering them on a Medicare audit because of poor documentation. The old adage of: ‘if it isn’t documented it wasn’t done’ still holds true. Moreover the onus is on the facility to prove that procedures are in place to prevent any form of Medicare fraud. Vantage can help by conducting quarterly chart audits to assure that documentation backs up your MDS and Medicare billing information.

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How important is QA/QI in the survey process?

In a word – VERY! Typically, a facility will submit a Plan of Correction to the State that says that a certain issue: “….will be monitored by the QA/QI committee on a quarterly basis”. Then, emergencies come up, staffing is tight and before you know it, the well intentioned QA activities are neglected and the item stands out like a sore thumb on subsequent surveys. Vantage can help by incorporating your QA/QI activities into regular quarterly chart audits.

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healthcare consultant doing a chart audit

A diagnostic medical record audit can pinpoint your problems before the State does.