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The medical record is a window into the workings of any given Long Term Care facility – whether Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), Assisted Living, Adult Residential facilities (ACFs) or Adult Day Health Services.

How is that new nurse on the 2nd floor doing? Did Social Service follow-up on the room change for Mr. Jones? Why are we having so many pressure ulcers lately? Exactly when did Mrs. Smith start losing weight?

The medical record tells all.

In this era of belt-tightening, a facility wants the best results for the least amount of money. Vantage can deliver that for you by doing a comprehensive medical record/chart audit to pinpoint your facility’s strengths and weaknesses. And the cost is well within the budget of most small to mid-size facilities.

Vantage can perform a one or two-day diagnostic chart audit by one of our team members and leave you with a written report that can arm you with the information that you need to bring your operation up to speed. A facility can choose which discipline most suits their needs. Visit our About Us page to discover the array of talented consultants on our team. All this, at a fraction of the cost of what you thought you would have to spend. Do you need follow-up audits? Do you need staff education? Vantage can help you with quarterly chart audits or quarterly in-service training for your staff. You decide, and Vantage will tailor a program to suit your needs and budget.

Most of all, we pride ourselves in treating our clients and their staff with the utmost respect. We are as careful with how we say things as we are with what we say. Our positive approach, backed by staff education, is the cornerstone of our success. And our clients respond by asking: “When will you be coming back?”

Skilled Nursing Facility

Reach your CMI potential: We will conduct comprehensive Rehab and clinical audits for MDS compliance. This program will gauge the accuracy of your facility’s MDS coding both for Medicare and Medicaid case mix. We will identify those charts where revenues could have been captured but were not – including Rehab and clinical factors. We will also identify those charts where items coded in the MDS were not sufficiently documented in the clinical record. Our auditors will complete an on-site audit and present you and your team with a written report along with an exit interview detailing significant findings and trends

Be Survey Ready at all times: A medical record audit for the SNF would focus on the same things that the State Survey team would – MDS and care plan.  Are the ADLs coded on the MDS backed up in the medical record? Does the care plan address the resident’s changing status?  Do the wound care, and weight tracking tools correlate with the MDS? Do the nurses’ progress notes contradict the Rehab notes that indicate a restorative level of therapy? You get the point. What would you give to get that information in your hands before you hear it from the State surveyors or on a Medicare audit? Our auditors will complete an on-site audit and present you and your team with a written report along with an exit interview detailing significant findings and trends

Transition to ICD-10: With ICD-10 ready to make its debut, you want your staff to seamlessly transition from ICD-9. Vantage offers a full array of transition and training options for your SNF so that your billing department will get maximum reimbursement from Medicare, HMOs, and insurance companies.

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Assisted Living Facility / Adult Residential Facility

The files at an Assisted Living Facility follow a somewhat different format, but the focus remains the same. Does the documentation give an indication that the resident was properly supervised and that problems were followed up? Were referrals to the primary care physician made in a timely fashion? Did Case Management follow-up on behavior issues, room changes, discharges to the hospital? Did the documentation on the MAR follow required State regulations and facility Policy and Procedure?

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Adult Day Health Services / Adult Day Care Centers

Vantage provides medical record consultant services as required by law to New Jersey Adult Day Health Services Centers. Our chart audits focus on documentation that back up participant eligibility. Because surveyors of Adult Day Care Centers follow many of the practices common in SNF surveys, our experienced eyes can detect potential problems and help centers correct them before they become a finding on a Statement of Deficiency (SOD). We also assist our clients by helping them prepare a viable Plan of Correction (POC) to their SOD.

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healthcare consultant with medical charts

We pride ourselves
in treating our
clients and their
staff with the
utmost respect.


  • Chart audits
  • Survey preparedness
  • Plans of correction
  • Care Plan systems
  • QA / QI Committee audits
  • Corporate Compliance Programs
  • Reimbursement maximization
  • Staff education
  • MDS 3.0 training
  • ICD-10 training and transition